String Rollers

String Rollers

Cream Rollers
Black Rollers

Plain String Rollers for slotted headstock

Polished 10mm diameter string rollers are bonded and pinned to inner steel spindles. The string holes have brass bushings and are normally positioned at 15mm from the back of the side-plate.  These can be positioned to suit a customer’s special requirements. Standard string rollers are light cream in colour.

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Rollers with Bearing Bushes for slotted headstock

String rollers fitted with bearing bushes are very popular with luthiers and players.  The bearing bush is attached to the string roller but spins freely. When the tuner is fitted to the instrument, these bushes remain stationary, hidden inside the headstock. When the string roller turns, the ‘centre shaft’ of the roller rotates inside the bush.  The bushes have a slight dome which aligns the bush making sure the centre of force is directed to the centre of the bush.  The bushing material has excellent light weight bearing qualities which also prevents any sound alteration of the instrument to using plain rollers.

Advantages include:

  • Smoother action
  • Eliminates roller squeak
  • Prevents roller binding
  • No wear (elongation) of headstock holes
  • No humidity headstock contraction onto the rollers
  • Light weight, using a similar material as the shank, resulting in no change to the instrument sound
  • 10mm standard or imperial 13/32″ (10.3mm) diameter option for some drilling fixtures.
  • Standard 30mm long.  Optional 31mm or 32mm long for wider headstock slots. Check fitting instructions for details to hide bush.

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Cream Rollers with bearing bushes
Black Rollers with bearing bushes
Brass Rollers Slotted Head
Chrome Rollers Slotted Head
Slotted Head Bearing Bushes

Steel String for slotted headstock

Steel spindles are bonded to polished 1/4″ diameter brass string rollers. String holes normally positioned at 15mm from the back of the side-plate, but can be positioned to suit a customer’s special requirements. Polished brass rollers are used with brass plates and chrome plated rollers are usually used with nickel silver or sterling silver plates.

The delrin bushes are optionally supplied and make for a better bearing material than the wood of the headstock and also prevent wear of the holes.  The outer bush has the bearing diameter and the bush next to the side-plate is a clearance bush.  Both bushes are 10mm diameter and should be bonded in place.

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Steel String for Solid Headstock

Polished brass or chrome plated string rollers are suitable for machine heads fitted from the under-side of the guitars headstock (i.e. string rollers vertical).  Brass or chromed top bushes are supplied with these rollers for inserting into the top surface of the headstock.
Three roller projection heights are available which can be seen in the ‘progressive length’ link below.

As requested by luthiers, these bushes are supplied as standard with 2 cylindrical grooves on the smooth fitting shank diameter (see image below-right). These are to be bonded into the headstock (usually with a cyanoacrylate adhesive), the grooves offering extra bonding location. Splined bushes are also available but be aware that the splining can cause the surface lacquer of the headstock to crack or craze. This is why the smooth diameter bushes are our standard option.

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Brass Rollers Solid Head
Chrome Rollers Solid Head
Solid Head Bearing Bushes

Custom String Rollers

If the standard sizes for the string rollers doesn’t work for your instrument, you might need us to make you some rollers with custom dimensions.

Paul Fischer guitars and some Jeffery Elliott guitars have a wider distance between the tuner mounting face and the inner holes in the headstock where the ends of the rollers locate.  Since it is important to have a good length of location inside the inner hole, longer rollers at 32mm are needed.  This is especially important if you are using rollers with bearing bushes.

When considering the replacement of sets for old guitars, it is important to take a close inspection of the inner holes in the headstock.  Over years of use, the holes can become elongated (worn to an oval).  Simply replacing the old set for a new without addressing this, will cause poor operation and early wear of the  tuners.  The holes should be accurately re-bored so to be both round and having evenly spaced distances between each string roller. If this makes the holes larger than 10mm, this is not a problem as we can supply larger diameter bearing bushes.

Very occasionally, rollers need to be tapered.  Again, not a problem.
Rollers sometimes need to have different lengths from the E to D.

The string holes can also be moved to whatever dimensions required.  We can even make the set with different string hole distances from E to D.  Please remember however, that the placement of the string hole does not necessarily position the place that the string leaves the roller to the nut.  In fact the hole is the only place that the string cannot leave.

Replacement String Rollers

New string rollers can be purchased from us at any time.

Prices shown are for 6 string rollers plus fixing screws and wood screws.
25, 30, 31 or 32mm long options and larger bearing bush option.

Replacement rollers are specific to Rodgers Tuners and will not fit other makes of tuners.


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Dimension Drawing For Plain Rollers

Dimension drawing for ukulele rollers​

Dimensions Roller BB 10x13x25
Dimensions Roller BB 10x13x25

Dimension Drawing For Classical Rollers With Bearing Bushes

Three lengths of rollers available, Standard 30mm or 31mm and 32mm.

To hide the bearing bush inside the headstock on standard length 30mm long rollers, the distance from the back of the side-plate to the inner hole in the headstock should be 24mm.
If this distance is greater than 24mm, then choose either 31mm or 32mm long rollers.

Standard bearing bush is 10mm. For imperial 13/32″ holes, choose 10.3mm bearing bushes.
Bearing bushes should be a close or push fit in headstock.

String_Roller_Bearing Bushes
String_Roller_Bearing Bushes

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Slotted Head Steel String Dimension Drawing

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Solid Head Rollers Dimensions

Dimension Drawing For Burg 35x115mm

Burg 35x115 Dimensions
Burg 35x115 Dimensions

Oval Pattern Recon Jet Quartz

Examples of various sets with Recon Jet Quartz.  The Quartz give the buttons a subtle glitter as they are rotated.

L690 Br Jet Quartz
L690 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz