Single Gear Tuners

Single Gear Tuners

Single Gear Tuners

Plate material and finish

The three materials available are brass, nickel silver (German silver) and for that extra special set, sterling silver. 

The surface of the brass plates have a satin finish.  Nickel silver can be satin or with a full polish.  Sterling silver usually always has a full polish.  We use Argentium sterling silver which has a higher silver content and never loses its shine even if the surface lacquer is removed.  Nickel silver will never tarnish and brass plates and polished parts are coated with hard nano-ceramic clear coating.

We can also blacken (or colour) the plates or engraving to enhance the engraved design.

Buttons & string rollers

Any of the button shapes or materials can be used for these tuners.

Oval Pattern Button
Cloche Pattern button
Kidney Pattern Button
Butterfly Pattern Button
Traditional Pattern Buttons
Small Oval Pattern Button

String rollers for slotted head or solid head instruments are available.

Classical singles

As another option for the classical guitar, these 4-woodscrew hole tuners have the appearance somewhere between singles and a straight side-plate. 

This particular set is fitted with oval pattern boxwood buttons but any of the button options can be used.  The style is CS02 in the shop page.