Lacote Style Tuners

Lacote Style Tuners

About Lacôte Tuners

We cannot claim this to be an entirely new idea, in fact the concept dates back over a hundred and eighty years to the very early days of guitar machine heads and the instruments of Renè François Lacôte.

Above Images showing a Bruce Sexauer instrument

Rodgers Lacôte’s style tuners have been completely re-designed from the old style tuners but still employ the same principle of operation. 

Unlike other machine heads designs, these sets attach to the underside of the guitar headstock with the mechanism enclosed within the headstock and away from damage and sight. 

Lacote tuners are for  mounting on ‘slotted head’ guitars but the principle allows for a far greater scope of headstock design.  Single gear units or custom made plates mounted in this fashion can allow for slotted head guitars to have curved headstocks as found on many ‘solid head’ guitars. 

As can be seen from the pictures, the button shaft projects through the base-plate downwards, leaving the side of the headstock clean and uncluttered.  This design requires a little more work in the design and manufacture of the headstock but the result far outweighs the effort.

In addition to reproduction instruments, these tuners offer stunning design options for all types of guitars including electrics.  

Alquier_Jea Electric Lacote
Alquier_Jea Electric Lacote

Jean-Yves Alquier : France :

Alquier_Jea Electric Lacote

Multi String guitars

This 10 string set shown on a Gary Southwell ‘Scherzer’ guitar illustrates how Lacote tuners can be used for a clean looking headstock.  This particular set also has an engraved top plate but this is for aesthetics only and is not needed for Lacote tuners.  

Gary Southwell: England :

Curved Plates

Showing a Gary Southwell A Series guitar with curved lacote plates.

Please note that this headstock design is unique to the Southwell A Series and we would not make tuners identical to these.

10 string A Series

Curved plates and 10 strings

Gary Southwell: England :

Dimensions & Fitting