Stauffer Style Tuners

Stauffer Style Tuners

Christian Frederick Martin (Senior of Martin guitars) worked with Johann Stauffer in Vienna during the 1820’s.  Stauffer guitars have a uniquely shaped headstock and custom style of tuners.  Several early Martin guitars later produced in the US, also have this type of headstock. 

Rodgers stauffer tuners

As seen in the images, Stauffer tuners are quite different to standard tuners.  Although they use the same gearing mechanisms, the design and build is unique to these tuners.  Fitted to the underside of the headstock, the mechanism sits inside a cavity within the headstock and hidden from view.  The large engraved plate allows for wonderful engraved designs.

Image showing guitars by ‘Romantic Luthier‘  Bernhard Kresse.

Rodgers Tuners Stauffer Kresse Guitar


Most Stauffer tuners use light and dark mother-of-pearl buttons but we also have small brass oval buttons which are more traditional.  

Sizes and dimensions

These tuners are only made in one size.  We do not offer any variation or customization other than engraved design.  Therefore the guitar headstock must be manufactured for the tuner.  It is recommended that the tuner is purchased before the manufacture of the headstock.

These tuners are only suitable for Classical guitars. 
They are fully assembled and functional out of the box.

Gary Southwell Stauffer Guitar
Gary Southwell Stauffer Guitar

Gary Southwell Guitars

Gary Southwell Stauffer Guitar

The Stauffer Mechanism and Engraved Designs

Rodgers tuners Stauffer rear view
Rodgers tuners Stauffer rear view
Rodgers Tuners Stauffer ST1
Design ST1
Rodgers Tuners Stauffer ST3
Design ST3
Rodgers Tuners Stauffer ST4
Design ST4
Rodgers Tuners Stauffer ST5
Design ST5