Ukulele Tuners

Ukulele Tuners

There are many options available for tuners made for ukuleles with slotted or solid headstock designs.  In general, any of the engraved designs and options available for 6 string guitars are easily adaptable for the ukulele.  Some makers prefer the standard size buttons, some prefer the smaller buttons which are usually fitted with ‘low profile end pips’.  If you don’t find what you are looking for, I am sure we can find a solution.

Plate material and finish

The three materials available are brass, nickel silver (German silver) and for that extra special set, sterling silver. 

The surface of the brass plates have a satin finish.  Nickel silver can be satin or with a full polish.  Sterling silver usually always has a full polish.  We use Argentium sterling silver which has a higher silver content and never loses its shine even if the surface lacquer is removed.  Nickel silver will never tarnish and brass plates and polished parts are coated with hard nano-ceramic clear coating.  Coloured engraving is another option.

Buttons & string rollers

Any of the button shapes or materials can be used. Often the small oval shape fitted with ‘low profile end pips’ are liked for ukuleles.

String rollers for slotted head or solid head instruments are available.  Dimensions for ukulele rollers are below.

Dimension drawings

String rollers for slotted headstocks:
String rollers for solid headstocks.
These are usually made to the standard length used for guitars. 
If shorter lengths are needed, please let me know.

note: If you find an engraved design for a 6 string set that you like and would like this for a ukulele:
Select: ‘Advanced options’ – ‘String roller options’ – set ‘Treble’ and ‘Bass’  to -1 (minus one)