Jerome Style Tuners

Jerome & Demet Style Tunenrs

Jerome tuner and Demet tuners are both reproduction sets made around the same time as Baker tuners and often very similar in design.  Many of the Jerome tuners had very simple circular engraving around the wood-screw holes and signature style gears with no visible teeth.  They often also have a ‘comb’ end design to the side-plates.  The sets we make are based on this design with or without the gear cover disks.  

The Demet tuners again often have very simple engraving with a unique end profile design only seen on these tuners.

Rodgers Tuners Jerome Style
Jerome style tuning machine
Rodgers Tuners Jerome Style
Jerome style tuning machine

Worm-wheel cover disks

These cover disks are made to fit with specially made gears and offer a slightly different look and feel to the tuners.  Although not all Jerome tuners have these gears fitted, they are unique to these vintage sets.  We have these disks in brass, nickel and aluminium (which when polished looks quite similar to polished sterling silver).


Although many (if not all) original tuners used ‘reversed gearing’, virtually all the sets we make now have the modern standard gears.  However, if you are replacing a set from an original instrument, you may prefer the set made with the same gear orientation.  Reverse gears are where the gearing is cut in the opposite direction and built with the gear (worm wheel) above the button shaft (worm).  The button will maintain the same direction of rotation to tighten or loosen the strings. Please note, ‘cover disks’ are not currently available for reverse gearing.

Button options

Traditionally, Jerome and Demet tuners are fitted with the Kidney pattern buttons.  Most customers now have the oval pattern since this is available in more material options.  

Kidney Pattern Synthetic Ivory
Butterfly Light Synthetic Ivory
Synthetic Ivory
Cloche Synthetic Ivory
Rodgers Tuners Jerome Style
jerome set with standard gears with disks

String Rollers

If replacing an original tuner, please read the section on custom rollers here.

Most modern tuners are fitted with standard rollers with or without bearing bushes.

Side plates & engravings

Jerome design L689

Various engraved designs can be used along with the distinctive Jerome ‘comb’ plate end profiles.  If you have a set with a design that you like and would like the engraving reproducing, please send us the image.

Jerome end profiles
Engraved Design L694 Jerome
Design L694

Demet Style Tuners

Very similar in design to the Jerome tuners, the Demet style is distinguished by the end profiles.  These sets sometimes have 34mm string roller spacing which is unusual.  This particular photo shows unusual ‘sleeves’ on the button shafts.  We would not normally use this shape but prefer our standard sleeve design.  Original tuners did not have anything on the shaft but a sleeve is required for our design of mechanism.

Demet style tuner
demet style tuner

Dimension Drawing For Burg 35x115mm

Burg 35x115 Dimensions
Burg 35x115 Dimensions

Oval Pattern Recon Jet Quartz

Examples of various sets with Recon Jet Quartz.  The Quartz give the buttons a subtle glitter as they are rotated.

L690 Br Jet Quartz
L690 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz