Rodgers Style Tuners

Rodgers Style Tuners

Rodgers Style Tuners

The Rodgers style of tuner is the ‘standard’ model of machine head we produce.  They are distinguished by the straight edge plate and are most often used on slotted headstock instruments.  The edges are finished with a polished chamfer or can have extra ‘decorative edging’ for a more ornate look.  These tuners can be made with any number of mechanisms and offer the greatest flexibility for engraved designs and other plate options.

Engraved designs

Since we started producing machine heads back in 1978, we have offered the ‘Rodgers style’ of tuner.  This means we literally have hundreds of engraved designs available.  A cross-selection of these are shown in the gallery & shop page. We are adding more images and new designs as sets are being produced.  We are also able to offer custom engraving from artwork or work with you to produce something unique to your instrument.  For more information on customization, please click here.

L289 Design Engraving
Design to engraving

Plate material and finish

The three materials available are brass, nickel silver (German silver) and for that extra special set, sterling silver. 

The surface of the brass plates have a satin finish.  Nickel silver can be satin or with a full polish.  Sterling silver usually always has a full polish.  We use Argentium sterling silver which has a higher silver content and never loses its shine even if the surface lacquer is removed.  Nickel silver will never tarnish and brass plates and polished parts are coated with hard nano-ceramic clear coating.

We can also blacken (or colour) the plates or engraving to enhance the engraved design.

Buttons & string rollers

Any of the button shapes or materials can be used for these tuners. We have a large range of options to choose from.  

Oval Pattern Button
Cloche Pattern button
Kidney Pattern Button
Traditional Pattern Buttons
Butterfly Pattern Button
Small Oval Pattern Button

String rollers for slotted head or solid head instruments can be fitted.  Rollers with bearing bushes are most commonly used for classical instruments.


Tuners can be made with any number of mechanisms per plate. 4 string Ukuleles, 6, 7, 8 or more string guitars. We can make sets with fully customised dimensions, plate length, wood-screw hole positions and string roller spacing.

The standard plate dimensions for Rodgers Style Gutiar tuners are: