String Rollers – Cream Coloured with Bearing Bushes

6 Cream coloured string rollers with bearing bushes


  • 6 Rollers
  • 6 black fixing screws
  • 8 brass wood screws

See note below for length options.

Replacement rollers are specific to Rodgers Tuners and will not fit other makes of tuners.




String rollers can become warn over many years of use.  By exchanging them, you can give your set a new lease of life.  The procedure is simple and we include instructions.

String rollers fitted with bearing bushes are very popular with luthiers and players.  The bearing bush is attached to the string roller but spins freely. When the tuner is fitted to the instrument, these bushes remain stationary, hidden inside the headstock. When the string roller turns, the ‘centre shaft’ of the roller rotates inside the bush.  The bushes have a slight dome which aligns the bush making sure the centre of force is directed to the centre of the bush.  The bushing material has excellent light weight bearing qualities which also prevent any instrument sound changes from using plain rollers.

Advantages include:

  • Smoother action
  • Eliminates roller squeak
  • Prevents roller binding
  • No wear (elongation) of headstock holes
  • No humidity contraction onto the rollers
  • Light weight
  • 10mm or imperial 13/32″ (10.3mm) diameter option for some drilling fixtures.
  • Standard 30mm long.  Optional 31mm or 32mm long for wider headstock slots.

Link to instructions (pdf)

Note for Roller Length
Some guitars have wider slots and require longer string rollers.  It is best to have the bearing bush hidden inside the hole so that it is not visible.
The last image has a dimension drawing for reference.
To check, measure from the tuner mounting face to the inside edge of the slot.  If this is 24mm or less, then use standard length rollers.  If it is 25mm then use 31mm rollers and if 26mm use 32mm rollers.  If custom length rollers are required, please e-mail me.

Dimension Drawing For Burg 35x115mm

Burg 35x115 Dimensions
Burg 35x115 Dimensions

Oval Pattern Recon Jet Quartz

Examples of various sets with Recon Jet Quartz.  The Quartz give the buttons a subtle glitter as they are rotated.

L690 Br Jet Quartz
L690 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz