L702 Version-B

A design based on the Fustero style with Lyre end design.  The L702 set has dimensions slightly different to our standard tuners.

Dimension drawing pdf here

Shown fitted with Synthetic Ivory Butterfly shaped  buttons and cream rollers with bearing bushes.  The top end of this is slightly different to the other set of L702 tuners on the website found in the ‘you may also like‘ tab below.

All the details for this set can be altered in the options below, so we can make this set in brass with oval light MoP buttons or any other combination you like.


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    To alter the specification for this set, please change the section listed below. 

    Custom Dimensions










    Note: Colour for the 'Button Shaft' parts can be selected in 'Extra Options' below.

    I will send you information for wood sizes once I receive your order.

    Lacote Rollers: 25mm Long : 12mm String hole

    Standard Size: Headstock thickness: 15.9mm String hole: 23.6mm  Headstock holes: 10mm  (select 'advanced' to change).

    Add extra String Roller details here.

    Number of String Rollers

    Do not change for 6 string guitar.
    Ukulele 4 string (Base -1  Treble -1)
    8 string guitar (Bass +1  Treble +1)

    Add any other notes or questions needed here.


Photographed with the following specifications:

Style of Tuner
Vintage Style

Material: Nickel Silver
Lyre Pattern end profiles
Dimensions: 35mm spacing by 121mm overall length (see drawing)

Synthetic Ivory Butterfly
Low Profile Pips

String Rollers
Cream coloured rollers for a classical guitar
Fitted with Self-aligning Bearing Bushes

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