Immediate Sale

Sets for immediate sale

We sometimes have some sets in stock which we are able to offer for immediate sale rather than the standard 3 to 4 months waiting time.  Below is a list of sets we have currently in stock.  Often these sets do not have their buttons finally attached so can be changed for whatever you prefer.  Also the string rollers are easily changed. For more details on each set, click the image.

Please indicate on your order that ‘this is an immediate sale item‘ and not a custom order.

STHau1:  This set has the buttons fitted.
All other sets have no buttons or string rollers finally fitted yet.

In addition to the sets shown below, we also have:
1 set of sterling silver Hauser L112 with decorative edges, 35mm spacing by 110mm overall length.  Very similar to this set.
1 set of Rodgers style L088 with decorative edges, 35mm spacing by 115mm overall length. Very similar to this set but with extra edge work.
e-mail me if you are interested in either of these sets.

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Fitting Plain Rollers for a Slotted Head Instrument

Fitting Instructions Classical

Download the pdf