Tuners with Bearing Bushes for Slotted Head Instruments

Fitting Classical with Bearing Bushes

The Bearing bush is located to the string roller and spins freely.  The shank of the roller is smaller in diameter eliminating the need for a clearance hole behind the side-plate.

Please note the maximum 24mm distance to ensure full location of the bush and hide it from view.  If longer string rollers are required, we have 31mm and 32mm versions which can be selected when ordering.

If you are using an imperial drilling jig which drills the roller holes at 13/32″, we can supply 10.3mm bearing bushes.  The ‘Y’ drill size is 10.26mm so unless it is cutting large, then 10.2mm bushes can be used.
It is however highly recommended to use a 35mm by 10mm drilling jig.

Cream Rollers with bearing bushes
String_Roller_Bearing Bushes
dimension Drawing Guitar
dimension Drawing ukulele

Locate the set on the headstock and mark the woodscrew holes accurately.  Then pilot drill the holes 1.5mm diameter by 5mm deep.  It is important that this is done accurately as poor fitting will affect the precision of the gearing and performance of the tuner.

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Dimension Drawing For Burg 35x115mm

Burg 35x115 Dimensions
Burg 35x115 Dimensions

Oval Pattern Recon Jet Quartz

Examples of various sets with Recon Jet Quartz.  The Quartz give the buttons a subtle glitter as they are rotated.

L690 Br Jet Quartz
L690 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz
L691 Br Jet Quartz