Stauffer Style

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All the buttons fitted to our Stauffer machine heads are mother-of-pearl in either the light or the dark colour.

The dimensions and sizes of the sets were taken from an original Stauffer machine head. We have made many improvements to the design to enhance the overall performance, and offer these tuners in the one shape and size with a variety of engraved designs.

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Christian Frederick Martin (Senior of Martin guitars) worked with Johann Stauffer for some time in Vienna during the 1820's. Some early Martin guitars, produced in the US, also have this type of headstock.  More recently, Bernhard Kresse has made a number of reproduction or ‘romantic’ guitars to the Stauffer and Lacote styles which can be seen by clicking here.

Stauffer machine heads are built to a different arrangement to standard machine heads, and fit to the underside of the headstock with the rollers projecting vertically upwards. This houses the working mechanism within the headstock keeping it clean and away form damage.

We have a number of engraved designs available and are currently producing more designs to extend the variety.  We can also reproduce old designs if required and this work is priced per hour on an individual basis.

Stauffer Style Tuners

Rodgers Stauffer Machine Heads are based on the original design of the guitar maker Johann Stauffer.

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